Dundrum Village Oil Club


What’s the scheme about?
It’s a membership scheme to help you buy smaller quantities of oil at a cheaper price. Joining a bulk buying scheme helps you benefit from the lower prices that can be negotiated by buying oil in large quantities.

How does it work?
Members place their order by completing a scheme order form and leaving it in one of the designated collection boxes within the village by specified dates. Participating oil suppliers are then contacted and the best price negotiated for the bulk order. Members are then advised of the delivery dates.

The Environment benefits too
Every time a tanker makes a delivery it uses a lot of fuel - a full tanker can get as little as 8 miles per gallon. If deliveries are organised so that one tanker delivers to several customers in the same area instead of making individual trips, the tanker’s fuel consumption is reduced.

Order Deadlines:
28th February 2014
30th May 2014
29th August 2014
28th November 2014

Contact Details:
For more information or to request a membership form please email or phone us on dundrumvillageoilclub@hotmail.co.uk / 07591986460 

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                           Supported by County Down Rural Community Network